About oeCloud.io

oeCloud was originally envisaged as a framework to rapidly build and deploy cloud native SaaS product lines being built by Edgeverve Systems Ltd (an Infosys Company) . Over the period of time oeCloud.io has matured into a platform that caters to the growing need of enterprises to fast track their digital transformation journey, legacy modernization and also enable them to provide Personalized Experiences.

In a world of complex choices, it’s not easy to decide which platform or technology is most relevant to an organization. CIOs are faced with competing priorities where deciding which investments are worthwhile is a huge challenge. We decided early on in our journey that to create the “Open Enterprise” of future, our platform will be modelled to be open source allowing innovations and experimentation to happen without any barrier.

Our vision is to make development on oeCloud.io amazingly simple that anyone in the organization can create modern applications, deploy them to the cloud and scale them as per needs.

Digital Transformation
Businesses transforming processes, customer journeys, models to enable faster time to market, always connected ecosystem & superior digital ecosystem
Legacy Modernization
Invest to migrate from monotholic systems to modern systems that allow them to scale and operate in a agile way to meet customer needs
Internet of Me
Highly personalized experiences, Dynamic Personalization based on spending/saving pyschology, behavioral science, location data etc. Experiences spread across Online, Mobile, Tablets, Interactive Displays, Connected TVs, Wearable's, Personal Digital Assistants
Enterprise Metrics
oeCloud.io when leveraged for any of these initiatives delivers substantial improvements on key enterprise metrics

- Utilization


- Simplicity of Technology Landscape

- Time to Market

- Risk

- Operating Cost

- Fixed Cost

- Time to Value

- Cost of Technology