Install Node

In order to install, you will first need to install Node.js (> 6.9). Node.js comes with pre-built installers for various platforms. Find the node installer that suits you the best.

Download Installer

Install Bower UI components leverage the power of Bower - A package manager for the web. Node comes pre-built with the goodness of npm, let’s use npm to install Bower.

$ npm install -g bower

Install MongoDB

In order to run, you will need to install MongoDB. MongoDB is an open-source document database designed for ease of development.

Download MongoDB

Configure Proxy

If you are working within an organization proxy, please provide the required proxy configurations.

Set npm configuration

$ npm config set proxy http://<username>:<password>@<proxy-server-url>:<port> 
$ npm config set https-proxy http://<username>:<password>@<proxy-server-url>:<port>

Set git configuration

$ git config --global http.proxy http://<username>:<password>@<proxy-server-url>:<port> 
$ git config --global https.proxy http://<username>:<password>@<proxy-server-url>:<port>

Set bower configuration

Please follow the Bower Configuration to set http and https proxy.


Install CLI

oe is the command line utillity allowing creation of apps utilizing scaffolding templates.

$ npm install -g oe-cloud-cli

Scaffold a new app CLI comes pre-baked with a starter app template. This template can be used to scaffold a new app. Most templates will ask a series of questions to customize the new app.

To scaffold a new app run:

$ oe starter-app

You will be asked to enter below options:

Enter app name - Add the name you want to give to scaffolded Application. (it should not contain spaces)

version - Give the initial version of Application. (Default - 1.0.0)

description - Description of the Application (Default - A sample oeloud based application)

author - Name of the author of the application

Do you want to install ui-components(bower)? - If you want your application to have UI components for your Application then enter yes, else if you want just the server side components then enter No

After creation of scaffolded Application, the CLI will install the required node modules for you.

Note: During bower install, on couple of occasions, you will be given choice when there are multiple versions available. You should always choose version required by application and not by web component tester. For example choose test-fixture#^1.0.0 version when asked.

Run the app

After following below steps, please access application running at http://localhost:3000

$ cd <app-name>
$ node .

You can access the API explorer at http://localhost:3000/explorer.

Please note that you need to login before you follow all the guides. Data is created in commondb database of MongoDB running on localhost:27017