What's New
Version : 1.3.0
Enabled Docker Data center features
1. Eliminating single point of failure from entire setup (In talks with docker support) 2. Enable webhook for deployment, re-scanning 3. Multi-tenancy ucp setup (In talks with docker support)

1.2.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Docker data center CEP set up Set up Docker Datacenter and and Migrated CI/CD and registry to docker data center

1.1.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Production ready CEP installer and documentation
More Stable CI

1.0.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Autoscaling the services Added auto-scaler module for scaling up/down of service based on cpu/memory metrics. View Guide
Individual Component Installation Added modules for each features so that each can run separately if required. View Guide
Pre-Check for CEP Installation Added pre-check to check whether CEP installation is viable on hosts on inventory file. View Guide
Persistence of User Inputs User inputs now is stored and suggested past value on next run. Same is used during separate installation of individual feature.
Upgraded portainer version

About CEP

oeCloud.io CEP (Cloud enablement platform) is a Docker based Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework to deploy and manage the lifecycle of any containerized application. The infrastructure is managed & monitored using opensource tools and provisioned using ansible scripts.

Technically, CEP is built on top of the following open source components

Docker : This is an infrastructure to develop, ship, and run application as a container. It includes Docker Swarm to orchestrate various docker containers (services) which can act as a single application.

Docker Registry : The docker registry is hosted on the swarm cluster itself and provides a place to build, store and ship application container images.

Router : Docker-HAProxy is used as a gateway for the external world to access the applications hosted on CEP.

Container Management : Portainer, Lightweight Management UI which allows to easily manage your docker host or swarm cluster.

Logging : Graylog, centralized logging solution that allows the user to aggregate and search through logs. It provides a powerful query language, a processing pipeline for data transformation, alerting abilities.

Monitoring : Prometheous/Grafana, collect and monitor host machine metrics, swarm metrics and application metrics using open source metrics analytics & visualization suite.

Gitlab as a service : Run gitlab-ce as a service in docker to manage git repositories, issue tracking and devops using CI/CD pipeline.

Base Features List

Feature Capability description Guides Reference
CEP-Provision Provision CEP infrastructure in a private or public cloud or locally View Guide