What's New
Version : 1.8.0
Bug fix for data ACL and user
1. Update data-ACL.js 2. Update base-user.js
Bug fix to apply switch version mixin to be attached during switch datasource
1. Version mixin bug fix with ds change 2. Added condition for mixin enable before reattaching the switchVersion 3. Re-attaching switchVersion method inside switch-datasource-mixin, after datasource switching on model
Batch processing models update
Added properties to BatchStatus and BatchRun models
Enhancement to batch processing
1. Disable progress interval by setting to 0 2. Priority for access token from context over username and password auth
Job scheduler enhancements
1. Pass parameters to job 2. Feature to skip and fail jobs 3. Trigger jobs manually 4. Allow chaining of jobs
Modularized component for initial data upload
1. Initial data upload to be handled by oe-migration module 2. Module that allows data upload as migration step

1.7.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
oe-cloud data ACL fix Error and update methods addition in Data ACL model NA
Bug fixes 1. Postgres connector fix for order by clause 2. Cache clear on create and delete of model in juggler 3. Add/Modify multiple columns in oracle connector NA
Documentation update in Batch Processing Update of documentation in oe-batch-processing module Wiki
Batch Job Scheduler Support for scheduling batch jobs on multiple oe-cloud instances Wiki

1.6.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
OTP Support Add OTP functionality as separate API which handles generation, validation and resend of OTP View Guide
Fixes in Decision Table and Graphs 1. Added ‘validate’ remote method to DecisionGraph model and added the FEEL validation as a before save validation to the model. 2. Added ‘parse Excel’ remote method to decision-table model. NA
Bug fixes 1. Fixed migration issue when model base is not provided. 2. Fixed issue with model customization. 3. Disabling feel external functions in development configuration. NA
Datasource connectors for postgres and oracle made loopback 3 compatible Made changes to postgres and oracle connectors to be compatible with loopback 3 NA

1.5.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Trusted App now can use oeCloud JWT authentication service This feature allows trusted apps to make use of JWT token generated by oeCloud for authentication (instead of using 3rd party JWT authentication service) View Guide
HTTPS Support Based on app configuration, the APIs should be exposed over https rather than http. Proxy to API-Server internal communication should also be over https/ssl View Guide
Relative Path support Based on the configuration , app should be mounted on subpath i.e., oe-cloud applications are mounted on sub-domain e.g. app1.mydomain.com. This feature will enable app to mount on a sub-path. ex. mydomain.com/app1 View Guide
Error Model extension for category Error model and error-util provides option to categorize error, so that product can make use of this category to make decision on the action/code flow TBA
Performance improvement in validation framework 1.Relational validation query formation refactored to reduce unwanted data fetch reducing DB load 2.Ref code validation refactored to reduce DB load, and faster validation 3.Replaced ‘q’ module and implemented native promise of node-js, improving memory usage and reducing cascading effect of GC due to high memory usage. TBA
Performance Benchmarking for Oracle, Mongo and EDB Defining the process and publishing the metrics for POST , GET , PUT and Delete publishing the metrics for every release View Guide
Update on default logger level The default logger level in oe-logger has been updated to error level NA

1.4.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Bug fixes 1. Posting hasOne relationship as object. 2. Oracle where query when null is passed in inq clause NA

1.3.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Restrict Application usage based on expiry date Ability to configure the expiry Date of Application TBA
Model Personalization Enhancements Added support to personalize the model based on scope other than Tenants also TBA
Finacle Secure Cloud for Finacle product Trials, demos Launched Finacle secure Cloud Portal for Product trials and demos TBA
oeCloud Chat Bot Framework POC TBA TBA

1.2.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Performance Improvement Performance improvement of APIs and breakup of time taken in each mixin TBA
Actor Pattern using Socket.io Enabled Actor pattern using Socket.io (oe-tx-router) without Router Service and Broadcaster TBA
Mapping of oeCloud Roles to LDAP Users Ability to map oecloud roles to LDAP groups+users TBA

1.1.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Service Personalization - Enhancements In addition of hiding the complete property, now the ability to mask few characters of field is provided.Field Value replace is applicable for Arrays also. View Guide
Support Aggregration functions, having and groupBy filter 1. Provided support for min, max, sum, count and avg Aggregation functions.2. Provided support for Having and groupBy filter TBA
Event Reliability Ability to add replay functionality to the ‘after save’, which will assure the execution of the actions which are failed in the ‘after save’ hook View Guide
Atomic Transactions Ability to enable Atomicity in the Transactions. View Guide
Logging oeCloud provides a logging API based on Bunyan Logger View Guide

About oeCloudCore

The Core component of oeCloud which implements a highly extensible application development framework, supporting configuration-based, runtime authoring of business entities, validations, different levels of personalization and more, leveraging the open source loopback.io framework

Initial Features List

Feature Capability description Guides Reference
BaseEntity A base Model provided by the oeCloud.io Framework model. Any model extending BaseEntity will make enable all the model functionalities provided by framework. View Guide
Dynamic Model Generation Models (Business Entities) can be created at runtime using REST APIs without restarting the server. View Guide
Versioning Automatic versioning can be done for all the data POSTed and manipulated within the application. View Guide
Model Validations Various types of validations can be setup on models declaratively. These can be property specific, cross-property and cross-model. View Guide
Audit Control Automatic audit field injection to each record inserted in a Model. View Guide
Query caching Query based data caching can be enabled by configurations for any Model. Coming soon
Experssion language support Validations can also be declared using an experssion language Under Experiment
Dynamic ACL Creations ACLs(Access Control Lists) can be attached dynamically to a Model. Coming soon
Dynamic Role Creations and RoleMapping Roles can be dynamically created. These Roles can be mapped to User dynamically. Coming soon
History tracking Automatic history tracking can be done for all the transactions. View Guide
Service Personalization Any auto-generated Model REST API’s Request and Response can be transformed declaratively. View Guide
Data Personalization API response can be personalized based on scope/context. View Guide
Model Personalization Customization of Model properties and behavior can be done based on scope/context. View Guide
Dynamic Datasource switching The datasource attached to any Model can be switched at runtime based on the scope/context. Coming soon
Soft delete All deletes are soft deletes, i.e., data is not physically and permanently removed from the persisted storage upon deletion View Guide
Authentication and Authorization Extensible Authentication and authorization is provided out-of-the-box Coming soon
Elevated Authentication OTP and Captcha authentication is supported in this version of oeCloud Under Experiment
Composite Models Implicit and Explicit Composite Models are supported . View Guide