What's New
Version : 1.8.0
UI Accessibility features
ARIA attributes added to components
Subpath support in utils
Added support for subpath
Filter update in oe-data-table
Merged Inline filter on columns, accordian on rows and cell level 'showCell' functionality
Enhancement in oe-date
1. Performance refactor 2. Browser compatability changes 3. Holiday implementation
Bug fixes in UI components
1. Added properties show-filtered-only and disable-cache 2. Fix for oe-text-area validation 3. Removed autoLogout redirect 4. Removed unused imports 5. Bug fix to set entered value when strict is false 6. Validate on ajax error 7. Changed encodeURI to encodeURIComponent

1.7.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Data table fixes 1. Arrow function support in IE 2. Table labels support i18n NA
Accessibility in oe-date Support for accessibility in oe-date NA
Support for parents in hierarchy component Parent nodes are now supported in hierarchy component NA

1.6.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Bug fixes 1. Minor fix to prioritize server configuration of TypeMapping over default settings. 2. Added unique id for input element in oe-combo and minor fix to preselect the menu values based on oe-combo value. 3. Enable pagination panel when data is set in client side using ‘pagination-type=”page”’ in oe-data-table. 4. UI Bug fix for floating label on setting value , Used UTC Date computation for internationalization. NA

1.5.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Support record-viewer in oe-data-table Based on the ‘form-url’ property assigned to a row-action of a data-table , that form will be loaded instead of the editor-form when the row-action is clicked. Click here
Error message in oe-input Fix for non-unique id error, demo for custom styling Click here

1.4.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Server side pagination and filtering support in data table oe-data-table supports server side pagination and filtering. Click here
Enhancements in oe-typeahead-chip and oe-data-table Support for mouse click and arrows for navigating in read only mode and Templated column through Light DOM in oe-data-table Click here
Bug fix in UI controls TBA TBA

1.3.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Client SDK Added JS based oecloud client SDK, where all Model operations should be available as a direct JS function call from client TBA
oe-stepper component A stepper header/sidebar control for multi-step forms Click here

1.2.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
Display description of reference-code in Data Table For reference-code types the data-table displays description instead of code Click here
Caching support in oe-combo Similar oe-combo controls in application share the data through cache instead of fetching individually from server. Click here
Custom item templates in oe-typeahead Template can be specified for Oe-typeahead for custom rendering of items. Click here
Custom row templates in Workflow inbox Template can be specified for Oe-workflow-inbox for custom rendering of task records. Click here
Screen flow behavior in ui-forms TBA
Oe-date enhancements Supports dropdown mode instead of dialog box for date picker. The dropdown can be configured to open on-focus. Click here

1.1.0 Release Notes

Feature Capability description Documentation
oe-controls to allow setting custom error messages All oe- controls support an additional property called, ‘user-error-message’.When control goes invalid, the framework would use this ‘user-error-message’ to display the error-message rather than internal error codes like ‘valueMissing’ etc.When user-error-message is specified it is used irrespective of actual error. i.e. valueMissing or rangeOverflow both error cases show ‘user-error-message’ Click here
Rendering Auto Generated Forms The new framework model UIComponent allows - Metadata enablement of handwritten form and Auto generation of Model Form Click here
UI Performance Optimization Gruntfile for following two cases are available for reference:vulcanize & Polymer Build Click here
Added oe-charts element 1. charts-comparing and showing data form various data sources/end points (comparing data across various years).2. Support for multi series chart. 3. Supporting Multiple chart types 4. Adding Default state / No data found state in chart. 5. Flag to disable Aggregation in client side. 6. In designer, provide option to choose chart type using a dropdown instead of text box. 7. Making SVG Responsive (view box) 8. Mark as widget – use some other icon instead of star. 9. widget-container working with oe-charts Click here

About oe-ui

oeCloud.io provides a framework to develop metadata driven , highly personalizable UI and supports on-the-fly UI generation. As a library of webcomponents augmenting Google Polymer elements, it allows for rapid responsive UI development with host of UI web components, modules and behaviors based on material design standards.

Initial Release Features List

Feature Capability description
Visual Elements oe-ui visual elements augment the Polymer elements with additional functionalities.
Non Visual Elements A set of non-visual elements to solve common front-end application tasks (e.g. SPA routes, message and error display)
Metadata Driven Forms oe-ui Library supports automatic UI generation for forms, including all the validations and form handling. All model validations are automatically pulled and translated into client side validations.
Single Page Applications A non-visual element oe-app-route allows easy configuration of routes for single-page-applications
I18n Support oe-ui uses i18n-msg to achieve internationalization support. All oe-ui elements are i18n enabled for literal and error display.

Visual Elements

All Visual UI Elements support,

  • i18n Literals with placeholders
  • Control level validations
  • Cross Field/Model Level validations
Element Name Description
oe-input a control for text input based on Polymer’s paper-input control
oe-input-error i18n enabled variant of paper-input-error
oe-date Date input control with display, parsing and formatting support for dates along with short-hands support e.g. 2m -> (a date that is 2 months from today)
oe-checkbox a control for boolean inputs based on paper-checkbox
oe-radio-group a wrapper over paper-radio-group that auto-generates and binds the underlying paper-radio-buttons based on choices provided.
oe-paper-chip a control for editing an array of strings much like a tags control.
oe-combo a selector control having predefined set of drop-down values
oe-typeahead a selector control with greedy search implementation
oe-info a read-only values display control allowing additional display formatting (decimal, date, boolean) to be applied on the raw primitive values
oe-message-handler <oe-message-handler> is an element for handling message/warning/error display using <paper-toast>.
The component can be placed anywhere on the main application page and all message display will be handled automatically.
oe-side-nav The oe-side-nav component is used to display the links from the Navigation Links model present under a group.

Non Visual Elements

Element Name Description
oe-app-router The oe-app-route element can be used to auto configure, application level client side routing.
oe-ajax The oe-ajax element exposes network request functionality.
It is forked from iron-ajax due to an outstanding issue


All oe-ui controls, labels and error messages are i18n enabled by default with placeholders support.