What's New
Version : 1.8.0
Workflow misc enhancement for parallel user tasks
1. Dynamic evaluation of formKey in user task 2. Approver can modify data 3. Implemented task hooks
Triggering workflow on custom remote methods
Trigger workflow on remote methods
Workflow without maker checker
1. Workflow v0 mixin implemented 2. Add process variable before evaluating completion condition on multi instance tasks

1.7.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Workflow event broadcast Broadcast of workflow-attach event NA

1.6.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
User task management 1. Task delegate API allows comments to be specified. 2. A separate end-point is available to update the comments on task. 3. A task can now be delegated back to a role. TBA

1.5.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Workflow Multi-Maker-Checker Enhancements 1.‘makersRecall’ property in WorkflowMapping – When set to true, only makers can recall the change-request. Otherwise, change request can be recalled by any user having sufficient privileges. 2.When a User Task is completed, the payload (for /Tasks/{id}/complete) can have additional property as "comments". These comments are now populated on the Task being completed as a completion comments. TBA
Workflow visual tracker for failures, debugging and resuming the execution oe-bpmn-viewer component can be used to display the BPMN diagram along with the progress TBA

1.4.0 Release Notes


1.3.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Service node enhancements for oe-connector Service Node now allows calling all available model methods along with ability to passing variable number of arguments through oe-connector View Guide
User task visibility When only excluded users are specified on user-task without any candidate users, the task is visible to everybody except excluded users View Guide

1.2.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Support for Multi Maker Checker functionality A new implementation of maker-checker mixin allows captured data to be enriched by multiple users followed by multiple levels of approvals. TBA
Managing Process Variables input output through Call Activity & Sub Processes Sub-Process and Call-Activity allow mapping of process-variable names. This allows a flexible linkage between the sub-process and the parent process definitions. TBA
Capturing of due-date, follow-up-date & priority fields in User Task User task allows capturing due-date and follow-up-date. The relative periods are evaluated and populated on user-task at the time of task creation. This information can be used by applications to send reminders and alerts. TBA

1.1.0 Release Notes

Feature Description Documentation
Supports Major Components of BPMN 2.0 We support following components of BPMN 2.0 - Service task, Script Task, User Task, Business Rule Task, Sub process, Call Activity, Collaborating Processes, Pools and Lanes, Gateways, Events View Guide
Support for loop markers We support following loop markers- Sequential multi instance, Parallel Multi Instance View Guide
Support for Maker Checker Functionality Maker-Checker is a central principle of authorization in financial origanization.This is provided as a in-built functionality in oe-workflow. oe-workflow allows developers to attach workflow to model on basic crud operations, so that these transactions go through only after the checker (User Task assignee in workflow) has approved it. View Guide


oe-workflow was built using oeCloud framework, with a general focus on providing a developer with the tools needed for designing, implementing and running BPMN 2.0 compliant business processes on oeCloud application. It uses many features of oeCloud framework like Versioning, Audit Control, Authentication and Authorization etc.

The two major components of oe-workflow are:

  • oe-workflow-modeler: It is used for designing BPMN 2.O complaint workflows
  • oe-workflow: It executes the workflows created using oe-workflow-modeler