This module adds the capability of executing business rules inside an oe-cloud application. The business rules are captured in oe-cloud-models - DecisionTable and DecisionGraph. And they are executed via oe-cloud-models - DecisionTable and DecisionService.

To further understand this documentation, you need some idea about oe-cloud and how oe-cloud models work. And, you need some idea about the DMN specification. The latter is an industry standard for representing and modelling business rules. Currently, we have adpoted v1.1 of the DMN specification.


  1. What is DMN?
  2. How to models business rules?
  3. Getting started
  4. How can I represent relations inside of rules?
  5. How can I make use of external function within a rule?
  6. What engine is being used for executing rules?
  7. Commons patterns of usage
  8. API Reference