Pools and Lanes

  • BPMN Pools describe whole organizations and contain lanes.
  • BPMN Lanes describe who is executing a specific set of tasks.

Lanes can be used to model a workflow with set of tasks belonging to a particular user or role. All the user tasks in a particular lane belong to the user/role/group specified for the entire lane.

Pizza Delivery Workflow

In this workflow, there are two organizations(pools), Pizza Vendor and Pizza Customer. Pizza Vendor organization has three lanes for three different roles, modeling the tasks they have to perform. In Pizza Customer pool, all the task in the pool are assigned to a customer.

We can specify the users, roles and groups within the user task also without using any lanes and pools.


If all tasks in a lane are to be assigned to a specific user, use the prefix User: followed by username. e.g. User:john.

Similarly if a role or group has to be specified for a lane or a pool use the prefix Role: or Group: to the role or group.

You can use ${…} expressions to evaluate asigned user, role or group dynamically.


Only one user/role/group can be specified as part of a lane or pool. If any additional users/roles/groups are needed specify them in the properties of the user tasks as candidate(User/Role/Group).